HR Outsourcing in Chennai

Clarion’s HR outsourcing covers functional areas like Recruitment, Payroll, Labor compliance, Training & Development & HRMS.

what is hr outsourcing?

HR Outsourcing in chennai

HR outsourcing (also known as HRO) is the process of subcontracting one or various HR functional areas to an external vendor. When small business owners or HR professionals consider outsourcing HR, they want to consider who else is outsourcing, what functions can be outsourced, and to whom they should outsource.

How HR Outsourcing to Clarion in Chennai will help you?

Are you looking for HR outsourcing in Chennai?

Clarion is one of the pioneers in HR outsourcing in Chennai. Our team is capable of managing either a part or entire HR outsourcing of an organization.

The top two reasons for outsourcing are the benefits of cost and time efficiencies.

These efficiencies are really the opportunity costs of business owners and managers, who lose time and money focusing on HR tasks when these resources can be spent on what must be done to grow their business.

That is, the time and money devoted to employee management is better spent by outsourcing HR so that businesses can be devoted to core business functions.

HR Outsouring Functions

Recruitment & Selection

With recruitment  being in the center of organization’s growth, HR outsourcing for recruitment helps company achieve their objectives.

Compliance & Payroll

The recurring and mundane task of backend operations gains major thrust with many local companies outsourcing.

Training & Development

Reskilling is the most important form of HR outsourcing in Chennai. Our training outsourcing modules are comprehensible and flawless implementation.

HRMS Implementation & Maintenance

For any HR function, the need to access quality data is very important and presence of a robust, secure and efficient HRMS solves this problem.

Temporary Staffing

With many companies, altering their business plans and objectives mid-way of financial year, there needs  complementary functions like Staffing within HR, support this cause.

Benefits of HR Outsourcing in Chennai

The Value of

Accounting in your company

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